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siollan ([personal profile] siollan) wrote2010-09-04 05:17 pm

One unintended benefit of the latest LJ f*kery..

Is that it finally gave me the kick in the pants I needed to start posting here again, which I had been meaning to do. Not that I have anything really exciting to say, mind.

I have considered importing my LJ over here and starting to cross-post like many on my FL, but I am undecided, probably because I never meant this journal to be a mirror of my LJ. I have considered making another DW that matches my LJ username and using that as a mirror but that seems like it would only complicate things further and oh god I am thinking about this way too much, aren't I. Maybe I'll forgo the importing and just start cross-posting.

Anyway, I do hope more people become active here on DW; I think what's been keeping people from being more involved is that are so many long-established communities on LJ that people don't want to leave, which I can understand. For now, I suppose it's not too much of a bother to check both sites for updates and such.