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2011-07-28 01:22 pm
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WA is back! yay!

Since LJ appears to be still dead, I'll post this here for anyone looking for more details.

Highlights from a quick and partial read of Minekura's blog post:

* The rights to WA have been transferred from Tokuma Shoten to Ichijinsha.

* WA will (eventually) appear in Zero Sum.

* Ichijinsha is re-issuing vol. 1-6 which will go on sale in October.

* No date yet for when the series will continue serialization, but she'll let us know.

* She thanks the Chara Editorial dept. for letting her publish her "imperfect" BL and Tokuma for letting her transfer the rights.

* WA was transferred for two main reasons: 1) WA didn't really fit with Chara's other content and 2) her health over the past year and the impossibility of keeping up with the publishing schedule.

Even though there is no date for its return yet, I AM SO EXCITE. I knew we would eventually be rewarded for our patience! Also I forgot how smoking hot Kubo-chan is....